Arcana of Astrology - How To Guide

December 20, 2016

Arcana of Astrology - How To Guide

If you've been feeling overwhelmed on how to work my Arcana of Astrology deck, look no further. One of the first things people ask me about is if it comes with guide book. It does not, and there is an important reason for that (though a free in-depth guide is a possibility one day...). I will be breaking up this post in to two sections: Zero Astrology Experience & Some Astrology Experience (though people who are intermediate and advanced may find some new ideas here too).


First I'd like to and say that Astrology can be a very fulfilling and exciting practice. There is nothing to be scared about regards to learning. I will also be posting a list of my favourite books and websites soon, so keep an eye out for that. 


The Arcana of Astrology comes with three keyword cards. Each planet, moon phase, asteroid and constellation have set meanings. Like Tarot, these meanings are a jumping off point that help you get started. 

Sample Reading:

Past: Leo - Create 

Present: Sagittarius - Explore

Future: Pluto - Death

What do each of those words mean to you? Oracle reading is very personal. Alternatively, if you have experience with Tarot, you already know the astrological associations for the Major Arcana. Using that knowledge can be very beneficial. 


This deck is a great way to start learning about Astrology more in depth (in fact I still do this myself). Simply shuffle the deck and pull a card (or two). Let's say you pulled Jupiter and The Sun. Think about these cards for a minute, you probably already know more about their significance from lore and personal associations than you think you do. 

Next, make google your friend. It's really that simple. 

The searches: "The Sun meaning in astrology" and "Jupiter meaning in astrology" are going to open up a whole new universe ;). 



This way of reading is going to be a bit easier for you. You already know what each planet represents, you understand ruling signs for houses, and what aspects are. That knowledge is going to make it much more in depth for you. 

If for some reason you do get stuck, or it's just not connecting with you, do a little research! 

Let's say you pull Chiron and Capricorn, what energies are conflicting there? Is there a transit going on you can look into? Or is there something that you have overlooked in your Natal Chart?


This is my way of using the deck as an intensive study guide, and I find it to be very beneficial. I know my own Natal Chart inside and out, but I am a firm believer in learning about things you aren't born with. 

Split up the deck into Planets & Asteroids and Constellations  - Make sure to grab one Moon Phase card to represent it as a Planet (which in Astrology it is). I keep the rest of the cards out for this part. 

Next pull one card from each pile. 


Libra & Mars: I then study each aspect (especially the major ones like conjunctions, oppositions, squares and trines) for both Natal and Transits.

*This also applies to Synastry. If your partner's Mars is in Libra, how is it aspecting your Natal Mars and your other Planets?*


1. Altar display and art.

2. Moon Readings - add the corresponding Moon Phase to your usual Tarot practice.

3. Meditation.

I actually use two separate decks. One is strictly for Altar work and studying, and the other is for Oracle readings - though that is in no way a requirement. 

I hope this has helped put you at ease about working with this deck. 

- Claire

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