Arcana of Astrology - Updated Keywords

January 26, 2017

Arcana of Astrology - Updated Keywords




Sun: The Ego

Rules: Leo & 5th House

Keyword: Purpose


Moon: The Guide

Rules: Cancer & 4th House

New Moon: Beginning

Waxing Crescent: Initiative

First Quarter: Growth

Waxing Gibbous: Perfecting

Full Moon: Clarity

Waning Gibbous: Sharing

Last Quarter: Decline

Waning Crescent: Ending


Solar Eclipse: The Harbinger

Keyword: Warn


Lunar Eclipse: The Illuminator

Keyword: Reveal


Mercury: The Messenger

Rules: Gemini/Virgo & 3rd House/6th House

Keyword: Communicate


Venus: The Muse

Rules: Taurus/Libra & 2nd House/7th House

Keyword: Create


Mars: The Leader

Rules: Aries & 1st House

Keyword: Aggression


Jupiter: The Philosopher

Rules: Sagittarius & 9th House

Keyword: Expansion


Saturn: The Oppressor

Rules: Capricorn & 10th House

Keyword: Restriction


Uranus: The Rebel

Rules: Aquarius & 11th House

Keyword: Freedom


Neptune: The Mystic

Rules: Pisces & 12th House

Keyword: Illusion


Pluto: The Reaper

Rules: Scorpio & 8th House

Keyword: Death


Earth: The Magician

Rules: Pars Fortuna/Alternate Taurus

Keyword: Grounding *or used as significator*




Chiron: The Healer

Keyword: Reflect


Ceres: The Mother

Keyword: Protect


Juno: The Partner

Keyword: Harmony


Vesta: The Keeper

Keyword: Devotion


Pallas: The Warrior

Keyword: Justice


Lilith: The Shadow

Keyword: Instinct


Hygeia: The Purifier

Keyword: Cleanse


Eris: The Destroyer

Keyword: Annihilate 


Psyche: The Goddess

Keyword: Passion


Eros: The Lover

Keyword: Romance




Aries: The Ram

Cardinal & Fire

Keyword: Assert


Taurus: The Bull

Fixed & Earth

Keyword: Possess


Gemini: The Twins

Mutable & Air

Keyword: Think


Cancer: The Crab

Cardinal & Water

Keyword: Nurture


Leo: The Lion

Fixed & Fire

Keyword: Boast


Virgo: The Virgin

Mutable & Earth

Keyword: Analyze


Libra: The Scales

Cardinal & Air

Keyword: Balance


Scorpio: The Scorpion

Fixed & Water

Keyword: Transform


Sagittarius: The Archer

Mutable & Fire

Keyword: Explore


Capricorn: The Goat

Cardinal & Earth

Keyword: Achieve


Aquarius: The Water Bearer

Fixed & Air

Keyword: Invent


Pisces: The Fish

Mutable & Water

Keyword: Dream






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