First Quarter Moon - Aries

January 05, 2017

First Quarter Moon - Aries

Happy First Quarter Moon!

Known as one of the two "crisis" moon phases, now is the time where we hit any obstacles in terms of the goals we made during the New Moon period (whether they were intentional or not). Often these obstacles are more mental than physical, which is why it is important not to let self doubt or fear get in the way. 


This phase is in Aries which forms a square to the Capricorn Sun (and a square to the residual New Moon energy in Capricorn). It's important to try multiple approaches to moving forward with our goals. Aries is more of a "act now, think later" kind of sign so you will have plenty of opportunities to see what works and what doesn't. Thankfully this sign gives us plenty of fire energy to create things. 

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