How To Survive Venus Retrograde

March 07, 2017 2 Comments

How To Survive Venus Retrograde

Venus is the ruler of Taurus and Libra. Which means that beauty, creation, love and money are the major keywords you will want to keep in your mind during her Retrograde period (March 4th - April 15th). 

Below are a few things you can do to appease her.

1. Study your Natal chart and check your current transits. Since she's moving back in Aries (my Natal position), how is she aspecting your Natal Venus sign and house? How is she aspecting your big three (Sun, Moon, Rising)? Is she in a comfortable position with your inner planets, but not so much with your outer planets? Check. This. Shit. 

2. Make art. Think about what that means to you. It's obvious for what it is to me, but maybe for you it's jewelry or fashion? Maybe bullet journalling? Lists? Nobody is asking you to paint something Louvre worthy, but just doing something that inspires you is important. 

3. Start an RX journal. All the planets except for the Sun and Moon go through retrograde periods. Keep track of your thoughts and feelings for all of them so the next time around you can check for similarities and themes. 

4. Don't get a haircut, try a new hair colour or anything else "permanent". Experimenting however, is something Venus will appreciate. Decorate your space (home, body, whatever) with something you normally would be too shy to. 

5. Grab some rose quartz, jasper, emerald and even copper and keep them close by. Lapis Lazuli is another good one which I just learned about for Venus. The other day I felt an urge to add a piece to my keychain and couldn't figure out why (thanks google) and it was the day she started Rx.

6. Carve out extra time for important relationships. Keep in mind that not all relationships are romantic, and don't forget about your relationship with yourself (the most important one you have). 

7. Flowers and Plants deserve some extra care right now. Give them some quartz, some water, and attention. Think of them as the focus to decorate around, versus their usual use, which is as an addition to your space. 

8. Cleanse your Tarot decks. Which you should be doing on the regular anyway................

9. Clean your house and open the windows. It only has to be a few minutes if it is cold where you are, but just get some air moving. 

10. Self-care is a huge one for Venus. Anything from applying hand lotion to getting a massage to meditation. Money is an issue for a lot of people (and her) so don't feel the need to run out and buy a fancy foot bath, but do take time for yourself. My favourite thing right now is vanilla perfume and vanilla candles. 

*I want to add here that there are people suffering right now because they don't have access to clean water: Flint. Michigan & Reservations in Canada are major examples. They are struggling to the basics of self-care like brushing their teeth and bathing, cooking and drinking (which we need to LIVE) and many who have permanent poisoning that need help with healthcare. Write letters and call your representatives. Donate if you can afford to do so.*

Leave a comment to add your Venus Rx feelings, rituals, whatever you think is important right now. 

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March 07, 2017

This probably isn’t the proper way to deal with Venus retrograde, but I think of it as a chance to slow down and observe our beauty. For example, take time to stand in front of a mirror and look at ourselves. Well, not just look, but drink in, gaze, appreciate our bodies and who we are. That backwards “movement,” that slowness, gives us a chance to observe what makes us wonderful.


March 07, 2017

I am so confused right now. My Sun sign is Taurus and my Moon is Libra. _ I want to crawl into a hole for this retrograde. I’m still such a noob with astrology, though. I can tell that most of what I use to feel secure feels ripped from me, right now. Advice welcome… help. lol

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