Chiron the Healer - Wounds
Everyone is born with a deep wound and Chiron represents our attempts to solve it. This asteroid is obviously named after the Centaur who was able to help others but not himself. 
Unfortunately this spot in our soul goes through waves of feeling perfectly content, to absolute sadness and despair. Hard work and self reflection is something we could all do a little more of, and the placement in your chart will show you how to do that. The more you work on your own pain, the more you can aid in supporting others through theirs.
*Chiron is also the bridge between the inner planets and the outer planets. He's very important!*
  • Positive Chiron: teaching, reflection, wisdom
  • Negative Chiron: depression, addiction, loneliness 
Vesta the Keeper - Devotion
Vesta is a beautiful contradiction of Virgo energy and Scorpio energy. She represents the Vestal Virgins, but also has the potential for fantasizing about the taboo and being destructive. 
She is the guardian of home and hearth, but it's important to think of your self as that home. The flame she protects is inside you. It is what sparks that sense of comfort and security. 
  • Positive Vesta: dedication, clarity, organized
  • Negative Vesta: low self esteem, fear, chaos
Pallas Athena the Warrior - Justice
Strategy and creativity rule this asteroid. Pallas will go in for the kill, but only when pushed beyond her limit. Like Libra, she balances emotions and thoughts in order to make a decision. 
Your Pallas placement will manifest in combat (physical or emotional) and inner/outer politics. Knowing where she lives in your chart will help give you insight to where her strategies are needed.
  • Positive Pallas: planning, patterns, wisdom
  • Negative Pallas: aggression, prejudice, unpredictability 

Lilith the Shadow - Instinct

  • Positive Lilith: feminism, liberation, passion
  • Negative Lilith: bigotry, oppression, despair
Ceres the Mother - Protect 
Ceres is an absolutely fascinating celestial body. Technically she is a dwarf planet but in my branch of Astrology she is still an asteroid. She is part of the Dark Triad: Pluto, Ceres, Eris. You wouldn't think this Earth Mother would be associated with those two, but she has to. She is the life aspect to their death. 
Most of us know the story of Demeter, Persephone and Hades (Ceres, Proserpina/Kore, Pluto) so I won't go in depth.
Basically Ceres watched her daughter be taken by Hades to the Underworld. Not only was this painful for her because of the need to protect her child, similar circumstances happened to her when she was raped by Zeus/Jupiter and later Poseidon/Neptune.
Ceres controls where and how we need to be nurtured. She wants us healthy, fit and comfortable. Not surprisingly she also controls how well we go with the flow. If she is happily aspected in your chart that is obviously going to be easier than if she has harsh placements. 
  • Positive Ceres: protection, growth, fertility
  • Negative Ceres: abuse, abandonment, possessiveness  
Juno the Partner - Harmony
With Juno we enter the realm of marriage, soulmates and commitment. Juno is a very devoted partner, almost to a fault (she's married to Jupiter after all and he is a serial cheater). She also can represent other types of partnerships like best friends, business partners and the like. 
In your chart, her placement determines what kind of people you create that bond with, and what kind of people create that bond with you. There is always one lesson astrologers seem to forget: she teaches you what kind of partner you can be. 
  • Positive Juno: connection, companionship, supportive
  • Negative Juno: naive, betrayal, denial 
Hygeia the Purifier - Cleanse *Also spelled Hygiea* 
This asteroid is the ultimate proponent of health. She rules over our health issues, eating habits, exercise and how we interact with our environment. She gives us a nudge when we are neglecting our most important body part: our brain. Mental health is often neglected and simultaneously stigmatized, and this seems to upset Hygeia a great deal. 
Like all elements in Astrology, she can go overboard and become quite a hypochondriac or cause us more harm than good. If you are struggling with something health related, take a look at her placement in your chart to get a fresh viewpoint (never replace therapy, medication, etc with this - to be used in conjunction).
  • Positive Hygeia: positive, holistic, healthy
  • Negative Hygeia: hypochondriac, anxious, righteous 
Eris the Destroyer - Annihilate 
Another member of the Dark Triad, Eris presides over karmic retribution; at her discretion (which may not always be right). When thinking about this bitter Goddess, we have to acknowledge 'an eye for an eye' or better yet, 'your two eyes for my one'.
Eris has a benefit to all of us. She is competitive, she pushes boundaries and she isn't afraid to stand up for herself. Think of her as a mirror inside yourself. The things we dislike most, are often traits within ourselves. *Important to note that house is more important than sign here except for major aspects like conjunctions, squares and oppositions with tight orbs*
  • Positive Eris: brave, determined, conceptual
  • Negative Eris: vengeful, hateful, unfair
Psyche the Goddess - Passion 
Psyche is the most beautiful Goddess in all the myths. While Venus/Aphrodite was beautiful on the outside, she tortured Psyche for being not only attractive, but also kind. Her story is all about the self. She started out as a naive young girl, and transforms into a higher version of being. 
When we look at her in Astrology, we are confronted with other peoples expectations of who or how we should be. If she is badly placed or having a rough transit we may struggle with self doubt, but a harmonious placement or transit and we develop confidence. Think of her as the unification of body, mind and spirit. 
  • Positive Psyche: beauty, confidence, bliss
  • Negative Psyche: naive, distrustful, stuck
Eros the Lover - Romance
Love, Romance and Sex is Eros's domain. He wants to connect on a creative, spiritual, sexual and emotional level, but sometimes borders on objectifying his "chosen" mate. Being between Venus and Mars, think of this asteroid as a blend of those two energies. 
Blind passion can be exciting and wonderful if both parties agree, but also destructive if someone isn't interested. 
In your chart, he will show you where this romantic and passionate energy comes into play. Paired with Psyche, these two asteroids can be used in synastry readings (be sure to include Juno) to get a better understanding of power dynamics. 
  • Positive Eros: seduction, romance, excitement
  • Negative Eros: objectification, heartbreak, lust (used in the negative sense here).
How to find your asteroids:
1. Google "astrodienst extended chart" and open the first link.
2. Input your information.
3. In the Additional Objects section type the following codes into the bar in this format: 4, 136199, 16, etc.
  • Vesta: 4
  • Pallas: 2
  • Lilith: 1181 (asteroid Lilith, refer to other post for all her forms)
  • Chiron: 2060
  • Ceres: 1
  • Juno:  3
  • Hygeia: 10
  • Eris: 136199
  • Psyche: 16
  • Eros: 433


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