The Waxing Crescent Moon is 45-90 degrees ahead of the Sun. It is at its peak half way between the New Moon and the First Quarter moon (60 degrees).

During this period the crescent shape is visible on the right side of The Moon (in the Northern Hemisphere), and appears to be growing bigger from darkness. 

"If the moon smiled, she would resemble you. You leave the same impression of something beautiful, but annihilating." - Sylvia Plath

In the magical (and the astrological) world, we refer to this period as a "plant" phase. What this means is, now is the best time for growing your New Moon goal. Fertility is said to be high right now, and creativity should feel abundant. 

Growth can be broken up into two parts: obstacles (negative patterns from the past) and action (changes made to achieve my goal). What this means is focusing your energy towards what you want to accomplish, will only work if you have a plan. To often we feel this phase pulling us outwards with a lot of gusto, only to not get anything done later, because we skipped this step. 


  • Look at your goal.

Example Goal: Quit Smoking.

  • Adopt a mantra (see below).

 Aries Moon: Each moment is a new chance.

  • Create the steps you are going to follow.

1. Set a quit date. 

2. Create a support system.

3. Identify addiction triggers.

4. Decide quit method (cold turkey? cessation aids?).

ZODIAC MANTRAS: Don't feel that you have to use these ones. You are totally free to create your own. 

  • Aries: Each moment is a new chance.
  • Taurus: I manifest beauty and comfort.
  • Gemini: I handle change with ease.
  • Cancer: My emotions are my strength.
  • Leo: My imagination takes me anywhere. 
  • Virgo: I create order from chaos.
  • Libra: Harmony is achieved with patience.
  • Scorpio: My abilities shine brightly.
  • Sagittarius: I am free to explore.
  • Capricorn: I am one with abundance.
  • Aquarius: Imagination and reality are one.
  • Pisces: I embrace love easily. 

 Research alternative methods to achieving your wish. You may feel like things are not progressing as quickly as you'd like but you must remember that like a newly planted seed under the soil, roots are starting to form.



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Was totally hoping to see each sign and how it interact with this moon, like you did in the first post. That was so informative and well done!