Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

March 31, 2017

Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

Mercury is gearing up to go retrograde beginning April 9th and lasting until May 3rd. This period begins in Taurus and ends in Aries. 

Taurus - April 9th to April 20th:

While Mercury is in Taurus the focus, and any problems that arise will be about money and possessions. If you have never written a budget before, now is a good time to start. You see, retrogrades are all about revisiting aspects of your life that you have been ignoring. For a lot of us, that comes down to money and how we spend it. If you have been living beyond your means, Mercury is the planet that is going to let you know (along with Saturn but that's a more drawn out process). You definitely want to be prepared.

Values also come to the forefront during a Taurus retrograde period. We can all get caught up in fixating on belief systems that no longer serve us, especially grudges. The symbol for this sign isn't a bull for no reason. 

Mercury RX in Taurus Tips:

  • Write a budget and do your best to stick to it.
  • Create a waiting period for yourself before making new purchases (no impulse shopping).
  • Cook more meals at home if you can - eat out less.
  • Go look at beautiful works of art at a gallery or visit your favourite museum.

Aries - April 20th to May 3rd:

After the 20th of April, Mercury hits Aries in our retrograde journey. We are going from the most stubborn sign, to the most brazen, and since Mercury rules communication you can see why this can be a bad thing. Think before you speak.

One thing this period will be perfect for is self-evolution. What qualities make up you? The good ones, and the bad ones. Now is the time to develop habits to change what you don't like about yourself. This won't happen over night, but Mercury is handing you the first step.

Mercury RX in Aries Tips:

  • Start a journal and write five good things about your day.
  • Count to ten and really your thoughts process before speaking when you are feeling "heated".
  • Catch up with friends you haven't seen in a while, but keep the visit short.
  • Devote an hour of solitude to yourself once a week.

All Purpose Mercury RX Tips:

  • Don't sign contracts. If you can't avoid it, read them multiple times.
  • Avoid confrontations with exes (romantic, business, family, etc).
  • Back up important files - preferably before the retrograde starts.
  • Give yourself extra travel time from point A to B.
  • Give your car a thorough once over before driving.
  • Don't buy new electronics. If you must, buy an extended warranty. 
  • Reread your favourite books or watch your favourite movies.
  • Don't leave important assignments to the last minute.
  • Finish all the projects you've already started. Get them moving. Don't start new ones.
  • Pay any outstanding bills if you can afford to do so. 
  • Try making a phone call instead of sending a text once a day. 
  • Update your phonebook - be honest with yourself and delete the people you tend to drunk and/or emotional dial. 

Feel free to add any of your tips to the list in a comment!

- Claire


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