2023 Samhain Spiritscopes


Spiritscopes are general readings for entertainment purposes only. They may not resonate with everyone. Be sure to read both your sun sign and your rising sign to get a full picture of these messages.
This Samhain, your spiritscopes are from The Book of Séances: Cartomancy Dictionary.

Aries Sun: Four of Pentacles

When the Four of Pentacles shows up, you can be certain you are dealing with a spirit who is stubborn and strong-willed. They may also feel energetically tied to a particular place, object, or even person. In life, they would be described as frugal, perhaps even cheap, and they didn’t appreciate being parted from their resources.

Aries Rising: The High Priestess

The High Priestess is thought to be the keeper of the veil, and she helps guide spirits back and forth between our world and theirs. We may know intuitively when she is around or even hear whispering in our ear.

Taurus Sun: Death

The Death card in a spirit reading means there is a spirit willing to communicate. They understand they are dead, and no confusion surrounds them. They have accepted their circumstances.

Taurus Rising: Knight of Swords

Both logical and fair, the King of Swords is someone you want on your side in a dispute or conflict. They worked hard throughout their life and made good providers, but this didn’t leave much time for social engagement or fun, and their family may have found them overly harsh or critical.

Gemini Sun: Temperance

The Temperance card can represent a spirit who got sober from drugs or alcohol or found religion after a difficult period in their life. This can also be a personal guardian angel for you. You may hear them whisper to you or see them in your dreams.

Gemini Rising: The Lovers

In a spirit reading, the Lovers card is generally indicative of a pair of spirits. They may have died at the same time or passed in quick succession. This card can also appear when you have lost someone you love, and they want you to know that they are watching over you, waiting for the day you are reunited.

Cancer Sun: Knight of Pentacles

Unlike the other knights, the Knight of Pentacles is patient and deliberate in their actions. In life they were described as being frugal, or perhaps even cheap, but really, they just understood the value of things. Because they took their time with everything, they weren’t much of a self-starter.

Cancer Rising: Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune in a spirit reading acknowledges the cycle of life. A death may have taken place close to where you are located. This card can also represent a residual haunting or a spirit who is repeating actions on a loop.

Leo Sun:  The Emperor

The Emperor can be the spirit of a father or grandfather figure or archetype. Their focus in life may have been on business pursuits rather than home life. They appreciate structure, order, and ambition.

Leo Rising: Ten of Cups and Page of Wands

This card is often connected to a protective, guardian-type spirit. You may see them out of the corner of your eye or catch a glimpse of them in your mirror. They may be the patriarch of your family or someone you looked up to, such as an older sibling.

The Page of Wands is a creative and highly imaginative individual. They were never afraid to take risks in life, which made them courageous, but they often suffered consequences for these actions. They may have died young or had a “young at heart” approach to life.

Virgo Sun: Ten of Wands

Deadlines, children, errands, and stress. This spirit may have been an overworked and underappreciated housewife or even an employee who did too much for their boss. They often felt unsupported by their partner or were perhaps even abandoned by them and left to shoulder all major responsibilities alone.

Virgo Rising: Eight of Pentacles

Craftspeople, entrepreneurs, and inventors are often represented by the Eight of Pentacles. These spirits left a meaningful impact on the world, and they are still quite proud of that. This card can also be a reference to a parent who is looking down on their children with immense pride.

Libra Sun: The Fool

In a spirit reading, the Fool can represent a new soul waiting to be incarnated or be a spirit guide. If the latter, then this person has been with you all your life and ushers you in certain directions or helps you make specific decisions they find beneficial for you.

Libra Rising: The World

This spirit had a life that many would envy. They may have been wealthy or known abundance in some way. They don’t have any “unfinished business” and don’t see the point in haunting the living, though they do like to periodically check-in.

Scorpio Sun: The Chariot

The Chariot typically signifies car wrecks or other automotive disasters. The cutting short of a life in such a traumatic way can cause confusion for spirits, and these particular ones can get attached to living people. The Chariot can also come up for military personnel, politicians, and even competitive athletes.

Scorpio Rising: The Tower

The death associated with this spirit was violent and unexpected. It could’ve been in a building collapse or some sort of workplace injury, or maybe even a shooting. This spirit likes to remind us to live our lives to the fullest because death could come knocking at any time.

Sagittarius Sun: Six of Wands

This spirit spent a lot of time trying to improve themselves and their circumstances. They may have taken on the role of the champion or saviour to help the disenfranchised. A protective energy accompanies them, and they hope to offer you sound advice.

Sagittarius Rising: Six of Pentacles

In life, this spirit was always there to lend a helping hand. They may have been a community leader or respected mentor. They may still leave gifts for the living in the form of coins. This is a great person to call on for advice when you are stuck.

Capricorn Sun: Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords is an introverted individual. They prefer their own company in death just as they did in life. Because they are so perceptive, they may have had trouble opening up to people. But when they did finally let someone in, that person would gain a loyal friend and confidant.

Capricorn Rising: Five of Pentacles

A lot of sadness is connected with the Five of Pentacles. It can mean that the spirit suffered a lot in their life. Financial problems, lack of food, chronic health conditions, or mental health struggles may have been an ever-constant presence.

Aquarius Sun: King of Cups

The King of Pentacles could be described as determined, stable, and proficient. If they weren’t monetarily rich while alive, they were definitely rich in compan- ionship and accomplishments. Because they were naturally ambitious, they may have looked down on others for not working as hard as they did.

Aquarius Rising: The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man can represent a spirit of someone who died from hanging or another form of capital punishment. They like to hang around the living, as they feel their life was taken from them.

Pisces Sun: Seven of Swords

This spirit is a bit of a trickster. You may notice things missing from their usual place, only to reappear the next day. The Seven of Swords can also be about someone who lied a lot in their lifetime. They may be confused now about which stories were real and which were their own elaborate inventions. Cause of death could be a mystery. Proceed with caution.

Pisces Rising: Queen of Cups

Warmth and compassion are two of the qualities this queen embodies. They are intuitive and may have been considered to be psychic or even a little “witchy” while alive. Because they were naturally empathetic, they could sometimes be overly reactionary or even volatile, which may have put a strain on their relationships.

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