The Top Tarot Mistakes You're Making

  • You're not being objective. As Tarot readers, anytime a big life event happens, the first thing we do is grab our cards. Right? The problem here is that we are sometimes too close to a situation. We automatically look for that confirmation bias. The cards want us to read from an objective place so they can give us the best advice possible. Next time you're doing a reading, approach deciphering the message the same way you would if you were reading for your best-friend.

  • You look for the card meaning you want. You know the story...girl meets boy, boy asks out girl, girl goes to the cards for perspective and immediately pulls the Devil and Ten of Swords. We've all been there. We get an answer from the deck that we weren't expecting (or just don't like), and will do anything to find the answer we want. I'm not saying you have to take the cards as gospel, but don't close your mind to all the perspectives they can offer you.

  • You erase readings. This is a habit that can be very hard to break. You do a reading, but the cards aren't making sense, so naturally you pull a bunch of clarifiers, only to end up even more confused. That's when you decide to put all the cards back in the deck and start again. Of course there are those times when you maybe didn't cleanse your deck properly and they really are giving you some funky answers, but that's generally not the case. Usually this confusions stems from the first two points I covered. The best advice to help stop this cycle is to keep it very simple until you feel connected to your deck again.


    • dagny

      hey i recently bought The antique anatomy tarot deck and guild book. How do you read the cards when they come up reversed? It doesn’t say in the guide book.

    • Maria

      Love your deck and am excited to dig deeper into some of your others. I am curious about how you interpret reversed cards? Would love to hear your thoughts.

      best to you during this insane moment -


    • Irene

      So so true!!!

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